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Welcome to Timeline Organica that brings together art, education, and academics to produce timelines that deal with the issues of our times in an educational and straightforward way.

We create timelines about the past that inform about the world today and look to the future.

We created The Guardian newspapers best selling wall chart series and its work with The British Library has been distributed to every secondary school and library across the UK.

Timeline Organica began in 1999 when its founder felt that it was difficult to get information on complex topics in a manner that could be understood in a simple way, but that gave readers space to do their own research and recognise their own intelligence.

We have provided timelines on a wide array of topics from World Cups to Black History to Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, to the 1929 Wall Street Crash…

We have collaborated with The Guardian, The British Library, The British Museum, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Microsoft, Hammersmith & Fulham council in London.

You can obtain a copy of The Guardian Black History timeline here: The Guardian’s Black History wallcharts - The Guardian Bookshop

Take a look around and if you or organisation are interested in doing something with us, please contact us.



Words of appreciation

"Gaverne first worked with the Guardian in 2008 when he approached us with the idea of producing a black history wallchart. He'd already given it a lot of thought, and consulted with academic experts, so we could immediately see the value of his work. We ran the five-part wallchart series in Black History Month that year, and were able to sell several more sets through our online shop.
Gaverne is always bursting with ideas, and when he got in touch this year suggesting we reproduce and update the series it felt like exactly the right moment. We had no hesitation in working with him again.
He is a pleasure to work with."

Kath Viner, Chief Editor The Guardian



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